We have mentioned recently how many current trends are actually very professional and office appropriate, and handbags are not the exception. Like all apparel, handbags are constantly being changed and updated to reflect the season’s trends.

Saffiano Leather is seen in handbags from Prada to Kate Spade, and even lower priced brands like Nine West. Saffiano is a crosshatched leather that has many pros; in fact, here at Freshionable, we have yet to find an actual con. The great thing about Saffiano leather is that it is very strong and can easily carry your laptop and personal items without any kind of damage. In addition, this leather is practically scratch resistant and barely shows any wear even through months of daily use. Even better, we’ve seen Saffiano bags in every color imaginable, which is a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Believe it or not, backpacks are back in, or at least slowly becoming relevant again since their last big stint in the 90’s. We are not the biggest fans here at Freshionable, but that has been the case for a few things that we later fall completely in love with, so I guess the verdict is still out. Regardless of our feelings about backpacks, the truth is they are incredibly practical and probably better for your posture if you’re one who tends to pack your everyday bag heavily. While backpacks may not be the most professional of bags, many of them can transform into shoulder bags or at least provide an additional handle to carry your bag differently. The hands-free style is great for traveling on long trips and even your everyday commute.

Quilted handbags are so classic and beautiful, but recently we have seen some designers giving them a modern makeover that has made them even more irresistible than usual. Like Saffiano leather, quilted handbags are available in any color you can think of and they transition easily from season to season and year to year. From simple leather to edgy and studded, quilted handbags are an asset to your closet and one of the bags that every woman should have.

The best thing about these three trends is their affordability and versatility. They can all be found at practically any price range and can easily be worn from day to night.

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Happy Tweed Day!  Bet you didn’t know today was Tweed Day, did you?  Neither did we until recently.  Although not much is known about the origin of Tweed Day and why it happens to fall on April 3rd, we don’t care.  Here at Freshionable, we’re just excited to have a chance to commemorate the lovely and always classic fabric that we’re oh so very fond of.

Chances are there is already some tweed in your closet.  If that’s the case, today is the day to pull it out.  With much of country still experiencing unpredictable spring weather, tweed is a great choice for transitioning into more moderate temperatures.  No tweed in your closet?  Check out some of those end of the season sales we talked about, and pick up some bargain tweed pieces.  Our suggestion: you can never go wrong with a tweed pant or blazer.

Tweed really is a great fabric that lends itself well for many professional, office-appropriate pieces.  While tweed can be worn as a pant or skirt suit, we prefer to mix and match tweed pieces with other textures to create more interest.  Tweed and leather, tweed and cashmere, tweed and silk…the list goes on.



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Everyone wants to look stylish when traveling whether it is for business or pleasure. But this can become difficult when you arrive at your destination and find upon unpacking that your clothes are a wrinkly mess. Worst feeling ever.

An easy and quick solution is to learn which items travel well or better than others, and plan your outfits accordingly. This will minimize any upkeep you’ll have to do once you unpack and it’ll give you more time to focus on enjoying your trip or rocking that business meeting/presentation. Luckily, many of this season’s most popular trends are very travel friendly, which means you’ll have an easier time finding these pieces.

Our first suggestion is ponte knit items. This heavy knit is very hard to wrinkle and its flexibility and softness make it really comfortable to wear, almost like wearing leggings or yoga pants, yet it is still thick enough to be professional.

Blue & White Color Block Dress

Lace is also a travel friendly material. While it might wrinkle a bit more, the details of lace hide the wrinkles so well that they’re hardly noticeable and will disappear throughout the day on their own. If packed properly, lace pieces should take very little space and they’re really versatile for creating multiple looks.

Floral Lace Cropped Top

Finally we suggest packing jersey knit items. As opposed to ponte knit, this fabric is much thinner, making it great for travel. The thin knit takes up very little space in your bag, and the few wrinkles that may appear will disappear simply by hanging the pieces. Jersey knit pieces are great for warmer months due to its breathability and softness. Just like our other suggestions, these pieces can work for casual or professional wear, depending on how they’re paired.

Windy City Knit Top

We hope these suggestions make your packing easier, but more than anything we hope you have a great time on your upcoming trips! Check back with us soon because we’ll be covering preparing for wedding season!

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We are reaching that time of the year where bundling up every morning and every time we step outside is getting quite old. Of course if you are an East coaster suffering through this brutal winter you might have actually reached that point some time ago.  Although we can’t tell you that it’s over, we can tell you about the good things this time of  year brings: sales!

Merchandise has slowly been trickling to the sale racks for the past few weeks and at this point those racks are quite packed. Many think shopping these sales this late in the season is pointless, but really it is the perfect time to stock up on basics and signature pieces, after all it will be winter again in 10 months.

Take a look at your closet and identify what pieces you’re missing or need replacing and head out to find them for less than retail. Obviously neutral colored pieces are a safe, smart purchase, but you can go beyond that and find more pieces that will transition well into spring.  Look at the upcoming color and pattern trends and keep them in mind while you shop; some of these will easily carry into winter later this year.

Skirts and dresses, especially neutral colored ones, are great pieces to purchase during these sales. Remember that not all cuts are equal and you might want to stay away from super trendy silhouettes. Pencil and straight skirts are a good choice, but avoid pleated and circular skirts. And as far as dresses go, you might want to steer away from full skirt dresses and go for easier to wear wrap and shift dresses.

Look I

Another great item to stock up during these sales is one of our favorite items at Freshionable, blazers. We love them because they dress up any outfit and can be incredibly comfortable depending on the fit. The tip to finding pieces, like blazers, that will continue to work is to opt for the more classic and simple cuts. Avoid shoulder pads, overly structured blazers, or cropped blazers and jackets, as these could age the pieces quite a bit. Instead, go for classic or boyfriend cuts which are easier to wear and are great staples to add to your wardrobe.

Red Modular Jacket perfect for fallBlue top and white blazer

Finally, remember your style and stay true to it, as that is the best way to be comfortable and fashionable throughout the seasons.

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 This spring, pastels and prints have dominated the runways, which we are pretty pumped about.  Although we see pastels and new prints pretty much every spring, this year’s prints cover a wide spectrum, ranging from classic tartans and houndstooth to floral prints to abstract and geometric prints.  Even better, these prints are being splashed onto blazers, pants, shoes, and handbags.   While most of us are used to incorporating prints into tops beneath a black blazer for the office, we are challenging ourselves (and you) to think outside the box.  Here are two tips for wearing prints in the office this spring:

For printed pants:  Wearing printed pants to the office is a little daring, but it can be done in a tasteful and professional way.  Choose a tailored, skinny leg printed pant and pair it with a solid blouse, neutral colored shoes, and simple jewelry for a more refined look.  Or, if your office is a little more relaxed, grab a pair of silk printed pants.  Pair these with a colored top and a statement necklace or try a textured blouse with a blazer and statement earrings.

Teal Pants_3Printed Pants Polyvore

For printed blazers: Whether dressing for the work week or casual Friday, the printed blazer works for any day.  Paired with denim, solid trousers, a skirt, or a little black dress, the printed blazer instantly adds that extra pizzazz you’ve been looking for.  

Printed Blazer

However you decide to incorporate print into your outfit, we hope you have fun with it and that it adds a little something special to your day! 


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